Sunday, January 1, 2012


This Christmas I received a Singer sewing machine that I had asked for after I tried my hand at sewing Halloween costumes for my friends and I. Necessity first, I hemmed some of my dress pants to try out the machine, but then I moved on to a fun project for me. I had been given some fabric, and decided that I would make a bag out of it. So I commenced, winging it all the way, and was pretty pleased with the results. I used just straight stitches throughout, and white thread. I started out by cutting the main bag part of the backpack, and then, turning it inside out, stitched around three of the sides, rounding the corners. I then turned it right-side out. Next, I measured out the flap to cover it (though thinking back, I should have done the straps first, as the flap got in the way when I was sewing the straps). I folded three sides in about half an inch, and then sewed around those, and then attached the flap to the back part of the bag, making sure that it folded over evenly to the other side. Next, I started working on the straps, measuring out a length, and then twice the width I wanted. I folded each in half width-wise, and sewed closed the three open sides. I then pinned these to the back and made sure they were secured in the right places, and then sewed them to the back of the bag while it was turned inside-out. Finally, I took a piece of leather string I had, cut it in half, and stitched part of it to the flap, and the other part to the front of the bag where the flap fell down. I stitched these by hand, and then tied them in a bow to close the bag. 

It was very interesting taking on my first sewing project, something I never did in high school art. I actually really enjoyed it and didn't want to stop working on it to do those pesky things like celebrate New Years and what not. I'm very pleased with the result and hope it doesn't fall apart when I try to use it!

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