Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grandma's Favorite Photo

I painted this final piece for my grandmother as a gift. She has helped me so much throughout my life, and with my graduating high school, I felt it fit to try to do something for her. 

She kept a photo in her room, framed and on the wall, of a vase of roses in front of a window, with various trinkets surrounding it. I left out all the busy little things, as I felt my lack of technical skill would lessen the effect of them, and as they were not the focus of the photograph.

51x41 cm
Acrylic Paint on Gesso

In this piece, I spend the most time and attention on the small details that I usually skip over, as in the shadow, and the highlights and lowlights on the vase. As that really was the focus, I spent the most time on that. I'm not maximally pleased with the window, as it lacks depth, but it's easy to overlook with the vase in front. Overall, I'm proud of the piece, but I wish I'd had a little more time to spend on it. 

I wasn't sure as to how my gift would be received after all the work though. My grandma likes her house uncrowded, and likes to keep just a few decorations around. Mostly though, she doesn't like to display things that aren't up to her standards, so I was afraid this piece might end up in the closet. When I walked into her house this past weekend though, she'd hung it up right in the entrance-way, where it would be seen by everyone who came into the house. It made me really happy, and just shows how much my grandmother loves me.

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