Friday, May 13, 2011

Trashion Show

 At my school's Random Acts of Art Show, there were several events going on; a silent door auction, a variety show, but most importantly, a Trashion Show. What is a Trashion Show you ask? Well, it's a fashion show in which all the outifts are made out of recycled materials. I modeled the dress I created out of newspaper and the matching hat made out of the same, and received bountiful compliments. I loved showing off all the work I've done, especially on these couple things, which I'm very proud of. Altogether, the show was a success, though some designers dropped out at the last minute - they either forgot to make their dresses, were too busy, or their plans just wouldn't work out - so we ended up with only 5 models. Each dress was very unique; one dress was made of different plastic bags layered, another was made of layered papers, another out of some fabrics, and another out of stuffed plastic grocery bags. Everyone really enjoyed seeing the dresses, and I was surprised at how many people actually showed up and stayed for the show. 

 Here are some of the other models - and me. Designer Erica Randall created the black, white, and silver dress on the model next to me out of layered plastic for the skirt between duct tape, and then a separate garbage bag which was folded and then taped in the back. Ashley Billone designed the next dress over out of newpaper, and the dress next to that. Ashley's models looked fantastic with their accessories, which really accentuated their dresses, like the flowers in her model Holly's hair.

Finally, here were all the models and designers. In orders, there was me, designer Erica Randall, her model Bridget, Ashley's model Holly, designer Ashley Billone, her other model Meredith, Kelsey's model Alyssa (wearing a dress with a skirt made out of grocery bags stuffed with paper), and designer and organizer of the event, Kelsey Kober. We all had a great time showing off the dresses and strutting it around the art wing. Overall, it was a great time!

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