Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Seeing the royals - specifically Kate Middleton - and their hats has inspired me to go with a look to go along with my dress that I wouldn't have normally thought of. To create the hat, I built up the cap of the hat with strips of newspaper painted with mod podge, and then extended strips off of the cap to flow out to create the brim, layering more on top of that. I added the bow last (I was debating adding paper roses like on the dress rather than a bow, but it was just too cute), which I made by simply intertwining a few sections of newspaper together, folding into a bow shape, and keeping in shape with a strip of newspaper wrapped around the center. The look is very feminine and southern belle, it reminds me of times when women had to be escorted on dates like the fragile flowers they are.

I created a wide-brimmed hat solely out of newspaper to go along with my newspaper dress. The two together are just such a classic look that I swoon over. The outfit as a whole is going to be modeled in a "Trashion Show" in the Random Acts of Art Show that my school puts on annually. Out of coincidence, the dress fit me, and so I will be modeling my own outfit at the show. I'm also excited for the hair and makeup to go along with the outfit; dark pink stained lips, vibrant, smoky eyes, and graceful, big curls. These things are "classics" for a reason.

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