Monday, May 16, 2011


 I finally got to working on the foreground for my piece inspired by the Sylvia Plath poem "Edge." I worked in graphite on a thick drawing board, and went off of a few reference pictures, but inventing a woman that does not exist. This was my first time really attempting to render the face as best I could, and it was really a challenge, and a true test of my patience.For my lack of technical training though, i think it came out really well; I was proud of myself.

For this, I'm using a technique I'm quite fond of; matte gel transfer. I scanned the image, printed it, and spread a layer of matte gel over the face of the image, and laid it down onto the painted canvas board, and smoothed it flat with a putty knife. With the process, the drying occurs overnight, and the following day, I will remove the paper with a wet washcloth and a lot of rubbing. As I'm not quite sure how well the light graphite will show over the vivid background, I may go over the image with acrylic paint.
With the original rendering of the face left though, I decided to make this a series, and work on top of the graphite. I used acrylic paint with brushes - and occasionally my fingers to create that smoother skin texture - to add the color. For the background, I looked through my Sylvia Plath: The Collected Poems book to find excerpts from my favorite poems to go along with this. I plan to use India Ink to transpose them onto the background to add that interesting element of text.

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