Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Show Time

As my IB Art class is rapidly approaching the dates of our show and our examination, everything has to be cleaned up and perfected, which has led to a proper display - and photographing - of some of my pieces. One such piece that looks a million times better for the process is my "Going for Water" piece, which I finally mounted. Photographing this piece was especially interesting, because I didn't want a reflection of anything in the mirror, I just wanted the painting on it to show without any distractions. I ended up having to prop the board at almost a 30 degree angle from the floor to reflect onto the white wall of our gallery space to get everything else out of the reflection, and then I had to make sure that I, standing on a ladder next to it didn't make it in the shot either. It was rough, but it all worked out, because I came out of it with a very nice photograph of the piece.

Additionally, I found a way to display my dress in a way that wasn't on me or a hanger. I'd previously tried to find a mannequin to fit the dress, but all of their shoulder stumps were too broad to fit through the waist area. So, I finally found one that was just right. The problem that I found then was that the dress went past the bottom of the mannequin - which stopped right above the thighs. I then had to try to find a stand, and finally settled on a white box that matched others I was using to display 3-D pieces. Overall, I'm excited about it!

Ordering all my pieces on the wall that I've been allotted has been fun for me too, more so, I suppose than my peers. I've known intuitively where each piece should go, and as I'm slowly getting them hung, mounted, displayed, etc., I'm really seeing for the first time my whole body of work. 

I still feel that I'm just playing at big girl artist in a way, though. It doesn't feel as if my work is grown up enough for a show, but I guess I'll find out when it comes time for the actual show. T-6 days!

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