Friday, April 15, 2011

Keith Haring Mural

This mural is in our art room, and every year, the senior art students leave their mark on it by adding a personalized character to the wall.

Each character is done in the style of Keith Haring, but with it's own personal twist. Each of us struggled - some more than others - to come up with a character that would both fit aesthetically, and make us memorable and recognizable to all those who stay.

As with any caricature, I wanted to play up my most prominent features; the ones I'm best known for. Quite obviously to me, this was my being a Ginger, a stereotypically pale, freckled, and red-headed being. Gingers are also known for being extremely creepy, something I also do extremely well. Including all this, my character comes off very much like me, as a stereotypical Ginger. My character hiding behind and creeping around things also fit a challenge we were given. What with so many students having passed through the art program, and each one leaving themselves on the wall, room had become scarce. Our teacher challenged us to try to add depth and distance to the mural, and to try to not cover others up, but to put ourselves a little into the background. To comply, I found a large enough space for the head to peek out, and then just had the hair hanging down behind the figure below. All in all, I can't see someone looking at the wall and not knowing who the creepy ginger character is supposed to represent. Mission complete.

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