Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Woman's Asylum

Matte Gel Transfer and Newspaper on Cloth

I love dresses, and since last February, when I had an inspiration, I've wanted to make one. The thing keeping me back, though, is that I can't sew. I knew when I looked at my almost-finished portfolio a month or so ago, and saw that gap where this piece should have been, I knew I needed to find a way around that. 

I went to a second-hand store and found a cheap dress, something vintage-y. I painstakingly layered newspaper on top of it, which took days. Figuring out exactly what this dress needed took a couple months, and in time I added the gel transfer flowers, the newspaper flowers, and just a couple days ago, the braided belt and halter in order to finish it up. Now, I feel that it looks like an actual dress - though not the most comfortable or easy to move in.

To accompany the dress, I had found a pendant at a craft store, and gessoed over the image on it. I scanned in the image of the rose from my "Wallflower" piece, and did a gel transfer onto the pendant. The look of the pattern on the cloth goes with the dress, and helps unify my body of work.

All in all, this is one of my favorite pieces, and also one of my most long-term pieces.

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