Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Perfect Woman

Acrylic Paint on Plaster Fabric

I wanted to show how I saw the body as beautiful, so I fixated on parts that I see as most beautiful. The clavicle area, where the little niche forms under the throat and expands on either side to the collar bone fascinates me, and so this is a part I focused on. 

This was the evolution of my precursor, my inktense piece in which i crudely put forth my rendition of the body. I found in doing this plaster mold of my friend, that proportions varied widely from my mind to reality, however, reality never fails to stun.

This section of the piece focuses on the waist area, which I find beautiful due to the contours. Where the indentation happens and then flows out to the hips is just beautiful to me.

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