Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Collage, Acrylic Paint, Found Objects on Canvas Board

The concept for this piece was to put a different spin on death. I researched the Aztec beliefs and found that they believed there was an "animating spirit" in blood that governs the body and mind. The "animating spirit" known as Tonalli also was recycled in a way once a person died, and would become part of clouds.

I began by layering solid colored pieces of glossy paper from magazines onto the canvas board, and then pictures I found on the internet and printed onto the next layer. The bottom layer is made up of actual rocks (which I stole from the middle partition of my driveway...shhhh...) which were hot-glued onto the canvas board in lieu of a better way to affix them. Finally, I painted the waterfall of blood in acrylics, and the mist at the bottom of it.

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